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Stacey Keating Professional GolferWell well, March had being and gone, and of course its share of ups and downs, but lots of fun along the way. Early in March I didn’t have a lot on just some good practice time with my coach Steven, played a few corporate days, and a Pro- Am at Phillip Island where I finished 2nd, which was nice!

Stacey Keating Professional Golfer in MoroccoThen the practice was done and time to head to Morocco for the first European event (outside Australia). I arrived safe and sound without my luggage in Sunday evening! Got my clubs so all was ok, thanks to a friends who’s clothes I wore until they arrived on Wednesday! Practice seemed to be going well, yet wasn’t hitting my driver as well as I would like, and with fairways that seemed 10 yrds wide this would prove tough for the week.

Teeing off Thursday afternoon I was a little tense, and I guess excited it get into things- It didn’t start how I would like, but steady myself on the back 9 to minimise the damage at +3, 75 for the day.

Then day 2, I was feeling good leading into it and started off steady, but let things really slip on the back 9, Yes it was playing very tough, but I just didn’t handle myself or the conditions very well. Felt like I did the smallest things wrong that cost me so much out there. I singed my card for a +7, 79 to miss the cut by one shot.

Stacey Keating Professional Golfer in MoroccoObviously I was very disappointed, but its all experience, and im currently sitting on the plane on my way home, surprisingly already looking forward to my next tournament! Im looking forward to having a run of tournaments so I can feel settled and get into a groove.
So now home to watch the Masters, and get some good preparation in for my next trip to play potentially 6 events in a row in Europe starting in Turkey. I have attached the schedule  for those who wish to follow.

Hope this finds you well, and that your golf has been taking shape!
Lets hope for an AUSSIE victory in the Masters!!

Cheers and good golfing!
Stace xo


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