Tenerife Ladies OpenWell a short week it was!! Tenerife Ladies Match Play.

Just a brief update to tell you about this week. It was very last minute for me, as I wasn’t an automatic into this event. It was a limited field event, with only 32 players getting in. I was one of the last few in.

It was match play for the first 2 round, then it gets down to 8 players to play off for the winners cheque over just 18 holes.

View of whale tailBut before we got into the really serious stuff, there was some whales to see!! We got the opportunity to go whale watching. Was great fun, something I hadn’t done before, so always nice to tick it off the list of things to do! I was seeded No. 23 (its ordered after the pro-am) and came up against Trish Johnson. The defending champion. This I was really looking forward to. It was a great match and I was quite happy with how I played, and won the match on the 17th hole. Smiles all around..

My next match was against fellow countrymen Nicky Garrett. I guess its always hard playing a friend, but in the end we both know we both want to win to get into the stroke play. We both played steady the front 9, for me to turn 1 down. I was still feeling good about my chances of turning things my way.

Not the case! I lost the next 2 holes in a row, and never really got back. To Niks credit she played really well and steady, and just put ‘salt in the wound’ by birdiing the 13th, and 14th to close me out 5&4.

Disappointing to be out of the event, but happy with some of my play. Lets hope I can now get in some good practice ready for Switzerland next week. Also on an exciting note, my parents are coming over to Switzerland and I’m really looking forward to seeing them; this is the longest I have gone without returning home. (Not that I’m home sick that’s for sure, but always nice to see a friendly face!)

Becky Brewerton from Wales went on to win in the stroke play, shooting 4 under par.

Thanks for following
Cheers, Stacey 🙂



  • Comment by Craig — June 14, 2011 @ 12:50 pm

    Hey Stacey

    Im glad to see you are doing so well in your first year on the LET, and enjoying seeing your progress and photo’s of your journey’s around europe on FB. I think your going to have a great year this year and its only going to get better.

    How do you find the TRX and traveling, and is it helping you the way you need on tour? I just got one and im kinda curious how it is for you in your travels.

    Keep it up as im positive you will and maybe meet you when you come back to OZ to see stevo.

    Best wishes

    Craig T

  • Comment by sue wooster — June 15, 2011 @ 7:34 am

    hey stace nice blog!! Good work last week. Sorry to see you just didn’t make it to the end day. Perhaps you could do with a bag of my pills to get you over the line? (that’s vitamins for anyone that doesn’t know me)Having fun following you Stace and hope things go well for you this week

  • Comment by Steve Turner — June 16, 2011 @ 9:04 pm

    Hi Stacey,
    just found your website. Cool.
    Playing foundation day today so looking forward to that.

  • Comment by judy adcock — June 17, 2011 @ 12:50 pm

    Hi stace, Saw you on TV last night, great you got so far in your game. wonderful to know you are keeping well and happy. Have a good time with your parents.
    Love from Gantonxx

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