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Well to be honest I didn’t really know what I was going to do with myself for 3 weeks without a tournament on; if I had my way I’d probably still be playing tourny after tourny as I really felt I was getting into the groove!! But anyway, time to get things in good shape for the British.

My coach, Steven Giuliano, was doing a training camps in Malaysia so I decided rather than go home and see him, I would only have to go half the distance to get some good practice in… So I spent all week in Kuala Lumpar staying with a friend and their family and really got looked after by the maid!! It was a pretty full and tiring week with the humid temperatures. I had a good practice session and have lots to work on building up to my first major. I also had a great time getting shown around by the locals in the city, and some of the best yet cheapest places to eat; I couldn’t help but do the conversions (average $2AUD per meal)!!

Now I’m back in England at Darren’s place, and have been fortunate enough to play on a couple of great links courses which will only help the preparation, and also watching Darren Clarke’s great victory at Royal St George’s this week can’t have done any harm.. How exciting was that!!

Anyway, thanks again for following me and I look forward to keeping you updated..

Good golfing to you all..




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