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Well first of all its sure nice to be home. I took a few days off when I first arrived home which was nice. I spent most of it at the farm just relaxing and helping out where possible. I did spend a couple of days at the beach which was fun, but the water temp just isnt up where I would like it yet!

Then back into practice at Sanctuary Lakes and Victoria. I love practice at both these clubs, and with Victoria having The Masters in 3 weeks time, you can only imagine the condition!! WOW the greens are like my kitchen table! 🙂

Now its not every day you get asked to climb to the top of the scoreboard at the famous MCG and have a putting competition is it? Well that is what I did. And I was in great company! The legend Stuart Appleby, AFL stars, Brendan Goddard and Stevie Johnson, and a few other celebrities! It was to launch Crown Lager Social Golf Club in association with Golf Australia. A great initiative to get more people involved in the game! So we had a ball on the scoreboard, something I probaly will never have the chance to do again!

And some more good news. I have now formed a partnership with EMMA and TOMs. Which are fruit juices (not made from just the fruit juice, but the “whole fruit”), flavoured waters and fruit/nut bars. I love it all and so excited to be associated with them.

I was fortunate enough to meet “THE” EMMA and TOM last week and love hearing their story!! Cant wait to get to know them more!

So for now Im just working on my game getting ready to go and play the ALPG pro-ams in Sydney next week, and get ready for the last two European events for the season in India and Dubai.

So I hope this finds you all well, and will keep you posted!


Stace 🙂


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