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I had been looking forward to this for quite some time as its a place I have never been and I have a few good friends from there who are always raving about it. So I thought I should take up the opportunity to play some golf, but get in some non-golfing activities also…
I arrived and got stuck into my practice rounds as per usual.. The course had a great lay out and I was looking forward to getting into things!
The golf didn’t go as planned for me.. A few off shots cost me big time,

it was just that type of course and in some tough condition made scoring very difficult.. The winning score after 3 rounds was -1, so that goes to show how difficult it was! Unfortunately I finished tied 23rd.. Was a little disjointed but soon cheered up as I was spending a few days at Sun City! Wow what a place.. We got to play the Gary Player Course (rated number 1 in South Africa)go on a game drive and saw lots of animals, went shark diving (yes in a cage Mum!!) played lots of tennis and just a little break for a few days! I had a blast and I sure will be back! 🙂
Now I’m off to see my coach for a few days before I head to Ireland for the Irish Open. It’s played at the Solihiem Cup course, Kileen Castle from last year, which I’m looking forward to.

Hope this finds you all well and good golfing!
Cheers and thanks for stopping by!
Stace 🙂


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