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  • July16

    Well its sure being a crazy couple of months on the road!! By that I sure mean its sure had its ups & downs, but thankfully many more ups, both on & off course!!

  • April3

    Wow, the summer has sure flown by and I cant believe we are into April already and I’m gearing up for the heart of the 2015 season!!

  • November8

    Well after 6 months out of Australia its always nice to be back, just to do some ‘normal stuff’! I have been home for a few weeks now, and still enjoying it, but always looking forward to the next event!

  • September8

    So since I last touched base I have played quite a few LPGA events, with again mixed results! But I felt good about my game, I just don’t think I’m putting it all together at once.. I know this sounds cliche’ but I feel it will come together if I stay patient.

  • August14

    The LPGA…

    Posted in: LPGA

    Well its been quite some time since I touched base with everyone.. Yes I have been busy, but I haven’t had a lot of news either!!

  • March3

    Where has the summer gone!! It’s been so nice to be in Australia for almost 2 months!! As much as I’ve been in Australia, I haven’t exactly been at ‘home’ but its sure nice to not have to check what time it is so you can simply make a phone call!!

  • October29

    Well I have had a busy time the last few weeks, just with alot of travel I guess! After Sweden my parents left for Australia, so this is always sad, but was great to see them of course!! But it does make me miss home more I think!! As I write this its almost been […]